A wide range of compressors for refrigeration.
Huge pumps for water supply and sewerage for Metropolises.
The world’s widest range of pumps and gensets to suit
every need of business.

At Kirloskar, our passion for engineering translates into an expertise to offer solutions for every challenge - in scale or technology. Be it greening the deserts or working in the most rugged conditions; we offer solutions that bring about a positive transformation and enrich a million lives. The films on this page will give you a glimpse of such stories:
  • A battery of Concrete Volute Pumps provide drinking water to over 30 million people at the world's largest irrigation scheme.
    The unique patented Siphon creation and Breaking arrangement saves energy worth millions at the Sardar Sarovar Project in Saurashtra, India.
  • Reliable gensets that offer dependable quality power to a wide range of industries and work in arduous -200C to +500C ambient, and at an altitude of 4.2 km.
  • Refrigeration Compressors that preserve tonnes of fish and perishables.
  • Rugged and reliable diesel engines that run over 80 applications.
    Large cooling water and circulating water pumps that help power plants keep their cool.
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